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Second time winner

The people of India are well aware of the twists & turns that take place in the political scenario…they have been long-time sufferers and put up with the nefarious games that most of the politicians play . So it was no big surprise when the newly elected BJP government totally dependent on more than 17 allies support , came tumbling down . And the country was faced with another election within a year's time.

In Karnataka, things of a different nature were happenning ….and very,very fast. Faced with local assembly elections as well, the ruling Janata-Dal split into the DeveGowda faction and the J.H.Patel{ then Chief Minister, } faction.This put Ambrish in a very deep fix…as he was close to both and refused to take sides .And ,remember he had still to learn a lot about the intricate and cunning games of politics.

The pressure from both sides was becoming too much for him, but he was absolutely clear about one thing . His first loyalty would be towards the people of Mandya ,his beloved home-town. The people who had placed such trust and showered him with love everytime he visited them. He wanted more than anything to repay this love, by serving them. He then took a decision which surprised many …he quit Janata dal and joined the Congress-I party again !!

There were several strong reasons for this , mainly one was the split of his party and his inability to persuade his own leaders to avoid the split .Another reason was --- the congress party was projecting Shri.S.M.Krishna as the Chief-Minister if it were to come to power. The people of Mandya had a chance of sending their man to Vidhana Soudha as a Chief Minister for the first time !! This was exactly the kind of thing Ambrish wanted for his people.

When Shri SM .Krishna approached Ambrish to join the Congress -I party again,it was again his old mentor-turned-foe Mr.Made Gowda who accompanied the Congress leader to convince Ambrish that he no longer was interested in politics !!! He even went as far as saying that it was in Ambrish's hands to ensure that the ChiefMinister would be a Mandya-ite. This really put Ambi in a quandary and he decided to go to his fans to help him out from this dilemma. Though there was a mixed reaction to this , the fact that he could put past differences aside with Made Gowda pleased him , because he was not a man happy about such things.But the main clincher for him was------after 50 years or so..Mandya could hold up its head and have a Chief Minister from their own !

Once decided , he didn't delay matters ..and rejoined the party which had launched him in the first place as a politician.The day he went to file his nominations the crowds were out in full force….showing their love yet again.

But his detractors and opponents had a field day predicting his doom this time , for having changed his party and so-on and so-forth. Bets were being placed on how he would be humbled and by how many thousands of votes it would be.In this scenario just a couple of days before the last day of withdrawal of nominations, the cunning old fox struck again. Yes…..Mr.Made Gowda who had come home to humbly beg Ambrish to join his party saying he wouldn't mind giving up his MP seat turned a full circle and resigned from the party !!

  Lots of silly and implausible reasons were cited---that after Ambi's entry he was being ignored and sidelined !!! The actual reason behind this was a plot worthy of Mahabharath's Shakuni Mama !! He wanted to taint Ambi's name and suggest that he was behind Made Gowda's present so-called nonentity status in the party, when the truth was far from this .

This plus the fact that Ambrish had changed parties would spell his doom….was the old man's calculation . Which when after hectic campaigning and vilifying ,underhand tactics by some veteran ,senior opposition leaders who also were using him as a pawn , nevertheless went for a full toss. When results were announced, it was Ambrish all the way !!!!!

He beat his nearest opponent Janata dal's Krishna by a whopping margin of one and a half lakhs, inspite of all the problems and disadvantages he had to face. People wanted and had voted their "Mandyadha Gandu " back to power ! And no one was more thrilled than Ambi that a man from Mandya was finally sitting in the Chief Minister's seat! His loyal followers showed the whole state that Ambrish was whom they wanted ….he was more important to them than the party he represented !