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Hi! My name is Suma Latha.I was born in Madras[Chennai] on August 27TH. My Parents ,Madan Mohan and Roopamohan are basically from Andhra Pradesh.


-I am the 4th in a family of 4 sisters and one brother.Coming from a large family,I never felt the need for too many friends.


-When I was a child of three, we shifted to Bombay. So my earliest memories start in the city of Bombay.We lived in Chembur, the suburban area of Bombay [Mumbai].


-I lost my father at the tender age of 8 in a tragic accident when he was only 37 years old.After his death,we relocated to Guntur,Andhra Pradesh , our native place. Which is where I finished the rest of my studies,till it abruptly ended at standard 10!