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These are a few of my film snaps I could lay my hands upon...
lots of film stars collect and keep the snaps of their films as 
souveniers...sadly I didn't put in a real effort there and I regret it
 now .But I do plan to dig up a few when I go to back to Madras or 
Chennai as its called now...till then this is all thats there !!!
Boy , do I look different !

Inseparable pals ...with Vishnuvardhan

Some   details

The above snaps are with Mammootty from my malayalam films --"purappadu", amar,akbar, anthony and the working still from New Delhi. The personal pics are with good friends Rajinikanth and wife and another with kannada stars Visnuvardhan and his wife Bharthi and my son . By the way ...the pretty "lady" with the red bindi and big thick moustache is ...none other than my...dear hubby...or should I say wife here !!!!!! Take a good hard look..that get-up was for his movie"Habba" ..released in '99..costarring his good friend Vishnu , who also had to don the same getup in the movie!!! Was not a pretty sight I can tell you !!!

Go thru this

My Album
Some personal moments frozen forever

The details----- The first pic was taken at home when Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi had come over for dinner. The second one was when we attended the wedding of "THE" Hrithik Roshan in Bangalore !!!
The above link to "My Album" contains some personal snaps ,take the time to go thru it !!!