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Right from day one Ambrish was a gregarious person and had scores of friends. He loved to be surrounded by people and entertaining and amusing them! {A trait which he has never lost to date!} So when his father noticed that his grades in school were slipping he packed him off to Bangalore thinking his son would be free of his corrupting friends there! Well, that was the case for one whole week after which he made new friends and kept adding to his wide circle!!

The reason that he could attract and make so many friends has to be mentioned here. Ambrish was , is and always be a very generous, fun-loving, and big-hearted person. He would willingly give the shirt of his back if asked.

But all this didnít help his education and after he failed to get through his Matric exams his exasperated father gave up and our man was back in Mysore , freer than a bird!