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Ambrish in the mid-eighties was known as the Casanova of Kannada film world. He was a rage with women , especially due to his unmarried status and envied and looked upto by men too!! His stories of wooing and winning over women were legendary and known throughout the southern film world of India!!!He was a party animal as well as a social butterfly. This was also another another reason he was envied by his colleagues !


[ Here  he's seen with the Kannada superstar Dr.Rajkumar and Vishnuvardan.]

Anyway from the mid-eighties to late eighties he was the most sought after bachelor in Bangalore alright.He alwaays maintained he didn't want to make any girl's life miserable by marrying her . His permanent home at this time was room no.412, Hotel Woodlands and he had no idea of settling down at all.
                                                                               Then he surprised everyone by building a house in JP nagar Bangalore. He himself didn't know that fate was waiting with a bigger surprise for himself , one he never dreamt about too . His friendship with me {Suma, his wife now}started like his usual "charm n woo but don't get serious" affairs alright.But somewhere along the way things did become serious and as he was also approaching his 40's {he was 39 when we got married in December 1991 and I keep teasing about the 11 year gap in our ages  even now ! } By now the good age old nesting instincts had arose in him at last I suppose . To cut a very long story short , after 3 years of courtship , and amidst terrific opposition from both sides { with good reason from my side no doubt ! } we got married secretly.

  Well secrets cant stay secrets very long and before long lots of people knew {some happy and some dismayed }.Like all new marriages ours also needed a lot of adjustments mostly from my side but we overcame most of the initial hiccups successfully and I am proud of myself for making the transition from a busy  filmstar to a busier filmstar's wife.

Our life has turned a full circle with the birth of our son-Abishek , who's the apple of his father's eye and spoilt by grandma , aunts , uncles and the whole world!

Now Ambrish  has  become active in politics and 6 year old Abi is in the 1st grade I found the time to dabble in computers and have fallen in love with it ! I coaxed even Ambrish to learn the basics and he also has started a course but our instructor despairs that with his busy schedules as MP , he'll ever be able to finish it!Apart from this both of us love travelling and try to get away at away at least once a year . We have been to the US,UK,Far East and Gulf countries and Europe, Australia, South Africa are on the agenda {hopefully} next. My dream is to eventually travel the whole world { including Arctic regions too !}and I will do it with Ambi and Abi the two men in my life!
                          Well to end the story , ours is a success story pitted against lot of odds and detractors predicting that two successful stars cannot have a successful marriage . God willing it will alwways overcome any obstacles, all we want is a normal , stable and happy life.